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Aguilar, Homero
Asmus, Markus
Blaue, Paja
Ferreira, Décio
Flesseman, Meinke
Friedrich, Mandy
Fuchs Holman, Cathy
Gaspartic, Doris
Generosow, Valeri
Groshev, Slava
Gruber, Erwin
Isa Monia
Hamp-Adams, Gaelle
Heinrich, Hubert
Hewitt, Jerry
Kulenovic, Maya
Krähmer, Michael
Ludvigsen, Malcolm
Mednikova, Maria
Menart, Natasa
Muscio, Giuseppe
Niko, Swetlana
Pollack, Elke
Raasch, Stefan
Sauer, Norbert
Schumacher, F. W.
Seur, Robin
Sosnowska, Iwona
Suederdiek, Loko
Sutton, Matthew
Tekhtilova, Victoria
Thokozani, Zinhle
Trojanski, Stanislaw
Ulmann, Ivan
Wittig-Koppe, Holger
Wrona, Kasia
Zademack, Siegfried
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Aguilar Asmus Brown Blaue Bruenjes        
Jean Brown was born in Cambridgeshire/England in 1944. She became interested in painting and drawing from early age and later discovered an interest in modelling. On these sites you´ll find a larger archive of Bruenjes paintings, mostly sold and meanwhile spread all over the globe.          
  Ferreira Flesseman Friedrich Gaspartic Fuchs Holman, Cathy        
  Meinke Flesseman was born in 1966 in Abcoude, Holland. She was brought up in Portugal, where she attended the Nossa Senhora do Alto College and the International School of Porches. Billie Holiday by Doris Gaspartic          
Generosow Groshev Gruber Hamp-Adams Heinrich Hewitt    
Slava Groshev's beautiful works follow in the footsteps of some of the great painting masters of our time, and are in fact created with the old fashioned paint brush. An unquestionable abundance of talent has lead to Slava Groshev's works held in private collections in Canada, America and throughout Europe and have become the investors choice. Hommage to Erwin Gruber  1918 - 1992.  Erwin Gruber wurde in Fürth/Bayern als des Bibhauers Joseph Gruber und dessen Ehefrau Katharina geboren. Hubert Heinrich was honoured with the„Silverprize-award“ of the „1st international carpet design competition99“, Kyoto (Japan)  carpet designs. Jerry Hewitt was born in Guildford, England in 1948 and studied fine art at Cambridge art school during the late sixties.On leaving art school one always seems to want to paint a better world' however hunger and reality soon got the better of him and he embarked on a long and varied career in commercial art, founding the successful Commercial Communication design partnership. It is his opinion that the best artists work in the commercial field as one has to be proficient in so many disciplines.            
Himani Isa Monia Kulenovic Krähmer Ludvigsen    
A host of terms spring to mind to describe the art of Maya Kulenovic: foreboding, hesitant, enigmatic, striking, offensive and illuminating. Her work is not intended to be comfortable, nor is there any effort spent on the easy or obvious; the artist's mission speaks without pretense and states plainly;  presenting us questions as yet unresolved. Michael Kraehmer is member of the german artists association Malcolm Ludvigsen. When I'm not painting, I'm a professor of mathematics. I have an international reputation for my work in relativity, black holes and cosmology.        
Mednikova Menart Muscio Niko Orsag Pollack            
Vera Orsag has previously worked for television as a set designer. She learned about classical painting at the Centro Europeu per i Mestieri della Conservazione del Patrimonio Archittonico in Venice/Italy. Since coming to the Algarve, Orsag has worked on various interior design projects for Hotels and private Villas. In this exhibition she presents a series of erotic paintings inspired by the pin-ups of the 1950s.                
Raasch Ross Sauer Schumacher Seur Sosnowska      
Norbert Sauer was born in Iserlohn/Germany in 1956. Friedrich W. Schumacher ist Mitglied im Verband bildender Künstler und Künstlerinnen Württemberg e.V. und Württembergischer Kunstverein.          
Suederdiek Sutton Tekhtilova Trojanski Ulmann            
Homage to    Stanislaw Trojanski    1926 - 1988. Stanislaw Trojanski was born in Leningrad into a polish-russian family of architects and painters. His grandfathers were the known russian architect Matfei Kasakow (1728-1812), who designed the Rumjantzew Museum and other public buildings in Moscow and the known russian painter Petr Trojanski (1872-1932).            
Wittig-Koppe Wrona   Zademack                
Kasia Wrona studied from 1986 - 1991 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland, where the traditional rigorous academic disciplines of the Polish art schools system endowed her with acute powers of observation and fine draughtsmanship. In 1992 she won a national prize for her drawings. In 1997 she decided to “follow the sun“, leaving her home to settle in a peaceful corner of the West Algarve.   Siegfried Zademack was born in Bremen/Germany on December 24, 1952. Freelance artist since 1981. Several artshows of his work in and outside his homecountry.                  

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