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Décio  Ferreira
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member since January 27st, 2006


Decio Ferreira was born in São Paulo where he lives. He studied in the Liceu de Artes e Oficios, free design in Museum of Modern Art  . 

Art Story by Wolfgang Pfifer and painting in the MAM. Studied engraving with Livio Abramo. He has shown publicy his work in S. Paulo,

Rio, Galeria Plastica in Buenos Aires, Gallery 825 in Florida USA, in Monscroun Belgium  and Vs Biennal of São Paulo,

and  he will exhibit in 2006 in San Francisco, California.

My world, my life and my art.  My world on canvas are musicians and their instruments, piano, guitar, flute, violin and drums. What do

they play? Schumann, Tchaikovsky or Gershwin? Concert, rhapsody, jazz?  I don´t know, really, but I want you to listen to it and 

to hear your musical preference, one pleasant delight song. To imagine, to fly, over an elephant, like a bird. Feel the colours, rhythms, forms

and silente interlude. Your dreams create images in blue, green songs, adagio, presto.   Well, sometimes in my life I don´t understand

anything, it´s the time for making a painting because in this moment I love my work and my work loves me, too.     Decio Ferreira                       

   price range:  € 890 -  € 1200

  The surrealist I
      The surrealist II
      The surrealist III      

Mixed Media on canvas 40 x 60 cm

price:  890  €


Mixed Media on canvas  60 x 60 cm

SOLD to one of our clients in Netherlands  


Mixed Media on canvas  50 x 60 cm

price:  890  €


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