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Artist sponsorships

Allow your fine-arts-international subscription to be financed by a sponsor from business and industry.

How do you proceed to find a sponsor?

Some tips:

A sponsor can be an individual or a company. In both cases, it certainly makes sense to first look among your acquaintances. Are there people who are impressed by your artistic work? Do these individuals work in a company, or do they manage a company? Have you looked in the area where you reside? These suggestions may help you find a person who could be a sponsor or who could, at least, provide a contact to his/her employer (manager, marketing department). (In our experience, law firms, insurance companies, banks or various other service providers are quite open to such commitments.) Now, you have to make the first contact. Whether the contact is by letter or by telephone, mention first of all that this would be a small amount for a cultural commitment with a wide-reaching effect. (Since our subscription rates are small amounts for a company, you could mention the more expensive 3-year subscription (discount) or the higher costs for an expansion of your gallery). An advantage of a sponsorship of your fine-arts-international presence is that you can explain how the sponsorship would work quickly to the decision-maker by sending him/her an e-mail with the URL of your fine-arts-international web site (www. fine-arts-international.com/your name; you can find your URL is in the browser window of your member area when you have created your web site). This way, the potential sponsor can learn about your artwork. You can also explain where and how the sponsor's name would be shown (address, link, logo, etc.). Most important now are the arguments that will convince the company's decision-maker. Check the section on .


What benefits can the sponsor expect from his cultural commitment?

Some arguments you can use: A sponsor can reach a great number of educated people with wide interests on fine-arts-international without any coverage waste. Additionally, the name of the company is linked to the world of culture and the arts, and this positions the company in a leadership role in public perception.This commitment benefits the sponsor's corporate image by having the company's name (logo, name, etc.) visible on the fine-arts-international  web site for the duration of the subscription (min. 1 year). Of course, with a direct link (URL) to the company's own web site. These are just some of the arguments you can use.

How does the sponsor's name appear on fine-arts-international?

The sponsor's name appears in the light-blue link area at the far left on your fine-arts-international web site (not as part of your presentation in the area in the centre). You can decide what is visible on your web site – only the logo (if available), the company's address, and/or a direct link to the sponsor's web site.

If you have already found a sponsor, you can enter the sponsor 's data to editor@fine-arts-international.com

If you have any further questions about our artist sponsorships, please contact us on director@fine-arts-international.com .