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fine arts international        our fine art will enliven your home !


Our online art Gallery was launched in June 2005 to offer a selective collection of original artworks for sale by highly talented artists in different countries worldwide. We only exhibit professional artists from all over the world, saving your precious time and money in searching out beautiful original art in physical art galleries worldwide.

Everything we offer is individually reviewed and selected by an experienced team of professionals. Now it is possible for everyone to own and enjoy original oil paintings, sculptures, photography or a poster&print. A carefully chosen artwork can transform your home or office decor.

We also intermediate for other physical galleries - have a look under "how to join"

You can view and buy an impressive collection of artworks from our online art gallery. Our mission is to bring together talented contemporary artists showing and selling their great artworks. You can buy fine art including a variability of themes like abstract, landscape, still life, nude in different media using a secure transaction offering you a 7 day money back guarantee. So, shopping from us is safe and no risk for you - all from the comfort of your own home or office.

Sit back and enjoy the site. If you have any questions please send an e-mail to director@fine-arts-international.com or call our office to receive a swift and personal response. We look forward to helping you to find and buy the right artwork that will give you pleasure for many years to come.

Which is the prime advantage offered by fine arts international ?

World Wide Exposure !

 fine arts international.com puts your work before thousands of new potential collectors and art lovers every month. Roughly 45% of artists & galleries detain a personal art web site spending a lot of money for keeping it updated online. To have an art web site does not mean to sell immediately. Without a maximum exposure of your artworks in search engines it is very hard for someone to find you and to buy from your gallery. A good advertising of your personal web site can be very expensive. And the problem is that there are so many talented artists on internet and unfortunately they can not be found by potential buyers.
That is why fine arts international was established! Our objective is to help galleries & talented artists for a better exposure of their artworks and to be found on top of the most popular search engines like Google, msn, Lycos, Netscape or Yahoo etc.
Exhibiting on fine arts international, your artworks can be found and bought in short time. Our operators deal every day with search engines optimisation and advertising obtaining more and more visitors every month. Your name will be one of the keywords for our homepage and your personal gallery page !

Just let us give you a good example: when we first went online end of June 2005, we sent (beside other keywords) the names of our first artists to the OPD, an institution on top of the hierarchical system of search engines. Now, if you go to google, you´ll find them by name on page one & even in the first ranking. Other success will follow referring to this matter! Search engines sometimes take several weeks to indicate a site !

What other benefits does fine arts international offer for artists ?

90% of potential buyers do not buy from a web site without an online payment facility.
Visitors of fine arts international.com can buy artworks online using their credit cards and having a safe shopping guarantee. We also offer our buyers a 7 day money back guarantee. After a sale, fine arts international will call your customer and ask him if he is satisfied with your artwork.

Worldwide exposure + online payment facility + a guarantee for the buyer = SALES !

We only charge commission when your art is sold trough  fine arts international using our online payment service. After a sale we will send you the money via Bank Transfer usually in 25 days.
Zero commission when the customer wants to buy directly from you. We will display your contacts, biography and all necessary information about you, so that the buyers will be able to contact you directly.

Secure payment:

fine arts international gives your clients the possibility to buy direct at the best price. The site is your intermediate for secured payment and exchange: The payment is transferred to the seller after the confirmation of delivery is received.

What kind of artists do we accept ?

Our art gallery is addressed to collectors and art lovers and we only exhibit original artworks (or posters&prints - further information on how to join ) by talented artists.  We do not exhibit artists who paint reproductions. Also we don´t add bad quality photos of your artwork to our gallery. Remember, the buyer has a 7 day money back guarantee that is why the photo of your artwork must correspond with the reality. We do not want the buyer to receive another piece of art than the one he ordered. That is why we always look for serious artists & galleries!
We suggest using a digital camera. If you not into computers or digital image editing, you can send photos of your artwork in the "old-fashioned way" by mail.

What do I get ?

You will get your own gallery page at fine arts international.

A web-address like www.fine-arts-international.com/your-name.htm is not only highly representative, it leads every visitor directly to your individual gallery site and it gives your clients a lot of facilities to get in contact with you. If you already have your own homepage, you´ll get your own link to it, which will give you a lot more traffic on your web site - and you´re going to have a very well frequented extra shop-window. Other way round you could have a link on your already existing web site, that leads your visitor onto your site at fine arts international. This way it´s guaranteed, that you are always able to actualise and to present your latest offer. You´ll stay with your already existing homepage and your own domain. So, either this way or the other - your clients will always find you. We can also offer you and your clients to use our electronic payment system PAYPAL. That makes selling a lot easier! In this case you are responsible for the shipping, but we will take care, that everything will go it´s way. If you see any difficulties, we´ll help with advice.

Summary :Maximum exposure of your artworks. Instantly and automatically accept Visa, Master Card, American Express (PAYPAL)  . Immediate Sales Notification. We  only charge commission from sales (for credit card processing) if the visitor prefers to buy through fine arts international.com. Receive a money transfer from fine arts international usually in 25 days after a sale. No commission to fine arts international if the customer prefers to buy directly from you. It is all between you and the customer ! Display as many of your artworks you wish. The artworks must be available for sale, if you want us to display them with a price and PAYPAL-button.

You´re welcome to ask any question or to make any comment !


In any case, if you like to contact us :             director@fine-arts-international.com