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for artists suggesting and uploading their images:

Send 3 to 7 images of your work. Please make sure, that the data you send is not too big! We suggest jpeg´s with min. 700 pixel height or width for each image. This will be good enough for us to have a view for our collection and to publish them with detailed view. Sorry, but to keep a certain quality-level, not everything will be accepted. BUT, don´t worry, we´ll give you an answer, if your work is suitable for us ...
please contact:

if you are not into computers, you can send all information, photos or a CD by mail ! Please add a return envelope with stamps & your address, if you want us to send it back to you.

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Jo Bruenjes

Melisande Busch

Andrea Cavaco

Stefanie Becker

Jennifer Brunswick

Robin Smith

Astrid Bader

Andrea Cavaco

Jorge Marques

Jan Retter

Elsa de Brito

Richard Jaekel

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Angerer der Aeltere

Angerer der Ältere

Jochen Bruenjes

Meinke Flesseman

Siegfired Zademack

Jerry Hewitt

Kasia Wrona

Hubert Heinrich

Maya Kulenovic

Norbert Sauer

Erwin Gruber

Vera Orsag

Bettina Bradt

Andre Brito

Irakli Chkhartishvili


Giuseppe Archimboldo







Annette Janacek

Jean Brown

Friedrich W. Schumacher

Malcolm Ludvigsen

Slava Groshev

Stefanie Becker

Margit Kubele

Giuseppe Muscio

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