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Ivan  Ulmann
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member since December 17th, 2005

Ivan Ulmann was born in Switzerland and is now living and working in his private retreat in southern Portugal.


With this site you discovered an already almost forgotten way of creativity. The art I want to bring you more close is a mixture of an antic technique and the well-known famous POP ART.

Mosaics belong since ever to one of the most precious wall- graffiti’s of human-history. Invented first by the Greeks and later practiced by the Romans, mosaics catch still today the fascination of the watcher.

With a lot of passion and patience I bring the pieces together that belong together. In my portraits and sculptures made out of broken tiles, I automatically create visual breaks between the colourful individuals, what makes my works looking more real and alive.

I was born 1976 in Switzerland where I lived until finishing The Art School in St. Gallen (CH) 1995. From 1996-98 I accomplished many works in stone, marble and granite for public and private park projects in the Algarve / Portugal. Inspired by the works of Antonio Gaudi and Andi Warhol I changed in the beginning of 1999 to the broken tiles and discovered a new world of art.

With my sculptures and portraits of famous persons I accomplished since 2000 many of successful art- exhibitions in all Portugal.

                       price range:  € 1700 -  € 2800                Ivan Ulmann welcomes commissions !

  Charlie Chaplin:  Fears of colours
      Elvis Presley
      Ghandi: Live to Love, Love to Serve       Jim Morrison: Break on Through  

mosaic on board ,78 x 63 cm, 

price: € 1900


mosaic on board ,91 x 71 cm,  

price: € 2400


mosaic on board ,78 x 63 cm, 

price: € 2300


mosaic on board ,78 x 63 cm,

price: € 2700


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