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Doug Ross
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member since December 3rd , 2005


Two ideas are the starting point for all my work: Making art is the process of rendering the invisible visible. The body is the temple of the soul. All my work in paint, sculpture and photography is figurative. My themes are mythic and existential. All the work here has been developed with the active collaboration of the models, who come from five countries and bring their own artistic training to bear from the disciplines of painting, acting, dance, fashion design, theatrical make-up and textile design.  The settings for this body of work have been gathered on my recent travels in Mexico, Morocco, Spain, Finland, Sri Lanka, Austria, Lebanon, Germany, New Mexico and Ireland.   Each print is a composition of up to 20 photograhps which are then digitally merged. Colour and texture are intensively worked and many hand-worked touches are added.The prints are printed with archival inks on acid free art papers. Editions are strictly limited to 10 copies.   My web site , includes an extensive range of fine art prints as well as painting and sculpture.  


price range:  € 300 - 600


      Opening       Omaha  

size: 31 x42 cm

price: € 375


size: 31 x 33 cm

price: € 350


size: 26 x46 cm

price: € 375


size: 31 x 46 cm

price: € 375




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