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Jerry Hewitt
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member since August 3rd, 2005

Jerry Hewitt was born in Guildford, England in 1948 and studied fine art at Cambridge art school during the late sixties.On leaving art school one always seems to want to paint a better world' however hunger and reality soon got the better of him and he embarked on a long and varied career in commercial art, founding the successful Commercial Communication design partnership. It is his opinion that the best artists work in the commercial field as one has to be proficient in so many disciplines.
After selling the business he moved to Cavendish in Suffolk where he still lives, and on the suggestion of his children started painting again so they could adorn the walls of their 'Dish' restaurants.
His major inspiration has primarily been music and a fascination with the visual ambience that it creates. This brings a feeling of motion and a depth of passion to his work.
He has exhibited in London. a shared show in New York and locally in Suffolk.

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Address: 1 Bridge Cottages, Lower Street, Cavendish, Suffolk CO10 8AF England
Telephone: (+44) 0 -7794 841 530

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oil on canvas, approximate 100 X 75 cm,

price: SOLD !!!


oil on board framed 86 X 99cm

price:  £ 350.00


oil on canvas  approximate. 110 X 80cm

price:  £ 400


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