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                                        Maya Kulenovic
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''..An artist's technique often gives clues to how he thinks about his subjects, life, beauty, and mortality. Maya Kulenovic's esthetics lies in the combination of vulnerability and strength of her subjects,

and the same can be seen in the way she handles her material. In her paintings there is a constant dialog between spontaniety and control. Her technique comes from the tradition of old masters,

which she studied for many years. She uses heavy layers of paint, thin glazes and dark palette to create chiaroscuro effects reminiscent of Caravaggio and Rembrandt; yet,

her work does not have the obsessive or decorative quality of many contemporary paintings in 'traditional realist ' style. Rather than that, Maya Kulenovic's technique is expressive,

direct, fresh,  and often surprising;  and it invites the viewer to participate emotionally in the work.."

  "mans back"       "arm"       "womans back"    
Maya Kulenovic   Maya Kulenovic   Maya Kulenovic  
  2004, oil on canvas, 32" X 24"       oil on canvas, 18" X 10"       2004, oil on canvas, 32" X 24"    
  "throws rocks"       "woman"       "man"       "torso"  
Maya Kulenovic   Maya Kulenovic   Maya Kulenovic   Maya Kulenovic
  2005, oil on canvas, 26" X 22"       2004, oil on canvas, 16" X 12"       2004, oil on canvas, 16" X 16"       2004, oil on canvas, 24" X 24"  


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