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Robin  Seur
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                                                                                                                                                                              Artists name:  Robin (Robby Seur)

                                                                                                                                                                              Born 14th November 1946

                                                                                                                                                                              Amsterdam. Netherlands




In 1956 an article was run in a local newspaper in Amsterdam telling of a boy of only 10 years of age who was a frequent lone visitor at the local zoo. 

Equipped with drawing materials and a little stool, he was regularly seen deeply absorbed in his work as he painted the animals!

Robby’s abilities as an artist even then far out stretched his years, and in those days all he dreamed about was becoming a famous artist.

As has happened to many before him though, this ambition was interrupted when he took on his Fathers viewpoint that to be successful in this world

required one to have a ‘respectful’ profession!  To be ones own boss, drive at the very least a Mercedes, own a big house and swimming pool with

a wife and 2 children.


By the age of 28 Robby has fulfilled all these requirements. The ‘respectful’ career he chose was as close as he could get to his love of art, that of a

Master Painter, which in his home country was a highly acclaimed title of a top Interior and Exterior decorator, restaurateur and painter.


He Directed his own highly successful business with up to 80 work force winning many esteemed commissions in many countries, including his

home land Holland plus Arabia, North Africa, South America and Asia. Where ever he moved to his family went with him.


A significant move away from this ‘respectful’ and highly lucrative life style could be said to have come about when his family gave him a

paint box for his 40th birthday.

This rekindled within him the old desire to paint, as he had as a little boy.

Following this he began again to paint when ever he found the time, at first for his own pleasure, but quickly commissions came flooding in from

restaurants and hotels for wall paintings as well as individual portraits.


His ‘respectful’ materially successful life lost all meaning..It was time for a total change of direction in life.

With such a change of direction within himself, his marriage inevitably ran into trouble and in 1995 he found himself leaving everything the old

Robby he had known and valued behind.


First his inner path led him to Mexico and then on to Hollywood. He changed his name to Robin & here he began a new life as a professional artist.

The following year a French friend enticed him over to France.

Very quickly he was recognised there as an international Artist by the Ministry on Paris.


Now he and Sabine ( They married 2001) ar based in Northern Italy, Valchusela  Piemonte ( TO.)

First he start helping other artists of Damanhur to paint the world famous Temple of Humankind constructed deep in the mountain there and visited

every year by many people from all over the world.

Next he was inspired by the Damanhurian philosophy of the soul structure through which he found the answer to some of his own psychic intuitions

concerning the subjects of his portraits.


He came to understand that what he had naturally ‘picked up’ intuitively about the people he studied in order to paint, was in fact glimpses of their

past lives, or some times he would perceive things that had had especially important significance to these people in their own lives and he knew

nothing about consciously! 


Now he was able to paint what he calls ‘Robins Architecture of the Soul.


This new form of portrait is intense in colour & symbolism.

They portray the past, present and future of the person, all flowing together into one meaningful painting. 

They have the power to bring inspiration, insight, understanding, self-acceptance & self-love to the owner.


More details of this look to: -in the press-  or on the  home page. 




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