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Marilyn  C.  Marchant
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Marilyn Marchant was born in Detroit, Michigan USA and at the age of 17 relocated to the Washington, D.C. area where she began working for major firms in the local graphic arts and printing industries.

With the training and experience gained from working in the media industries above and a natural nack for design and communications, Marilyn had established her own Ad agency by age 24, succeeded in securing some national accounts, and untill this day still enjoys a dynamic and notable client base.

While raising a family in her mid 30s, she ventured into sculpting as an avocation and further outlet for her creative drive. Marilyn's kitchen became her studio... With dinner on the stove and young ones at her feet, she stood for hours over days pulling visions from the "ethers" and rendering them as expressive, moving faces, which in themselves became her insperation for continuing. She simply assumed that they had shown up for that very reason. She received requests from galleries to provide them copies of her work, but ultimately decided that she was not prepared to undertake her sculpting as a commercial activity.

A small sampling of her sculptures can be viewed on her web site.

During the child-rearing years, Marilyn placed her emphasis on family and retired her agency business except for occasional graphics projects of personal interest or that were not too demanding of her time. As the children advanced into their later school years and Marilyn's keen desire to maintain her graphic proficiency remanifested, she responded to a random inquiry for graphic support from an architectural and engineering planning firm and had a meeting with the art directior and head architect of the firm. Several days later, he approached Marilyn with an amazing offer. He proposed that they form their own partnership. Hands were shook and there was only one condition to closing the deal, "when it wasn't fun they wouldn't do it any more". The following month, the new partnership opened its initial offices in Alexandria, VA. The explosion of mutual respect and creativity that ensued launched a 16-year relationship that was sadly terminated when her friend, partner, and mentor became ill and died. This came at the time when the graphics industry was entering a major state of flux resulting from introduction of computer generated digital graphics. Marilyn sensed the change was going to be dramatic and pervasive.

Now alone without her friend and mentor, Marilyn experienced the professional graphic world around her quickly morphing from a drafting table, artist's tools, photographic resources, and a zippo knife to PCs and Apple computers , Photoshop, Illustrator, and Quark Express. Obcessed by the new digital potential and determined to vent her creativity in the growing electronic-enabled marketplace, she purchased her first pc computer and graphic software. Then, she spent the next year and a half teaching herself how to use the computer enabled with the top graphic industry programming. She mastered that challenge and immediately advanced to intense study of and operating proficiency in writing htm, dynamic html, shock wave, and java script computer code. Surprisingly, she now found herself to be the repository of a host of skill mixes normally attributed to an entire graphics agency support staff. She aggressively applied her new skills and prior design and communications knowledge to the support of clients wishing to gain broad market exposure by designing effective IT websites for them on the Internet. Several years into this new self-taught venture, she expanded her support services to building the full architecture and design of web sites, performing registration, and providing full hosting support for her clients.

Expanded Horizons

One Christmas Marilyn's sculpting mentor and best friend, Judy, gave her an unexpected gift and a card. The gift was a new fancy digital camera with a note inscribed, "I believe in you." Having no photographic experience , this small black box became her powerful new vehical for digital creativity. One year later her dear friend died, leaving Marilyn with a heartful need to bring to fruition her friend's loving expectations.

Today, Marilyn invites you to see through her eyes the power of encouragement, the drive to be creative,

and the hope to inspire others...




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