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Markus  Asmus
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Markus Asmus was born in the county of Unna in 1969. After completing his professional training as mechanic, paramedic and a year of voluntary service, he spent two years (from 1993 to 1995) in Thuringia.
During this time he gained his first experience in painting. Subsequent journeys lead him through the South of Europe. In 1996/7, he spent two years in Spain for the purpose of studying. Inspired by the Mediterranean life style in Southern Europe and motivated by his travelling experiences, Markus Asmus turned again to his artistic calling.

2004 (autumn) study visit in France
2005 (spring) attendance at the
European Academy of Fine Arts in Trier
Further enhancement of abstract paintings, creation of the Asmus-Windows
First attempts of painting underwater
2006 study visit in Lanzarote, examination of the island’s impressive scenery
2007 (autumn) study visit in Portugal (Algarve), final experiments with underwater canvases
2007- 2008 impressions of Lanzarote are converted into paintings
2008 study visit in Portugal (Algarve), creation of the first underwater paintings (diving with archaeologists)

He works as a freelance artist in Unna. Markus Asmus is constantly looking for a different, a new picture language. He develops new subjects and uses different materials. The experiments with new substances can only give a glimpse of the artist’s inexhaustible creativity




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