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Kevin  Mallory
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KEVIN L. MALLORY: Artist & Photographer
Born: (Ottawa, Ontario - Canada) September 11,1958

Kevin has studied Fine Art, Graphic Design & Art History in a variety of art institutes to further develop his overall capabilities in: oils & watercolour painting, pastels, illustration, pen & ink, calligraphy as well as the technical skills of drafting and graphic design.

However, Kevin primarily considers himself to be a self-taught artist; as his real source of “higher learning” has been derived from his own unique life experiences, studies in spirituality and his contemplative realizations of nature as a parallel to understanding the divine.

Possessing a vivid imagination, Kevin began to paint subject themes suggesting the mystical and idealistic qualities of life from an early age. He paints with passionate colours intended to create “spiritual atmosphere” and the awesome quality of the otherworldly. He has long held a deep appreciation for and a desire to understand the sacred spaces within nature and her archetypal imagery which invokes a sense of the mysterious and divine.

“I feel that my creative expression as an artist and photographer provides the wonderful opportunity to perceive the essence and mystique of nature in her most revealing beauty, while serving as a stimulus of inspiration for my artwork.”

His most recent creative artwork has been achieved through the exploratory process of using digital photography techniques, in conjunction with his abilities in painting and illustration. Kevin has developed his skills to utilize computer photo editing methods, for transforming and stylizing both his photographic and painted images into composite photos collages. These photo paintings are then recreated as fine art giclee print reproductions, using archival quality pigment inks of superior longevity compared to typical photographic print duration.

Kevin enjoys the challenges inherent through combining the age old traditional skills required in painting and illustration, with the exciting flexibility and technical advantages of modern computer technology. In his view, this evolutionary merger of art and sciences actually mirrors the process of humanity’s desire to better understand nature, our interaction with the universe and life experiences from a deeper metaphysical perspective. Kevin believes that this artform may hold considerable promise as an innovative contemporary mode for artistic expression, which sets an example wherein technology can also be used for a creative purpose.

Kevin’s artistic originality always guides him to contribute something awe-inspiring in his photography, digital techniques and oils & watercolour painting. For him personally, creative expression is not just an artistic endeavour but his chosen path in life, as it conveys a significant aspect of his individuality and spiritual philosophy.

Kevin is a member of several Canadian art associations and currently participates in both
solo and group exhibits on an annual basis. He shows fine art print images of his traditional photography, as well as his current digital photo paintings and composite / collage work.


Call: (613) 253-0346 Carleton Place, Ontario - Canada

E-mail: kevmallory@sympatico.ca


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