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Margareth  Osju  Arverud
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member since November 30th ,  2007


I was born in São Paulo, Brazil. 1962

I'm an artist, a kind of photo artist. I try to catch the sun during the nights or catch the moon during the days.

Sometimes I spend my time making illustrations of the people I meet online. But mainly I try to change

the world with the power of art

I used to be a poet; I used the words like a camera lens. Then I got ill, my brain burned out; collapsed, and I lost the words.
In the desperation of emptiness I started to take photos with a simple digitalcamera. A mistake with sugar showed me a

new way to take photos. The motives are created from the poems I wrote. I try to change the world in the way I can.

I believe in the power of art, music, love, kindness and understanding.

The technique I use is a mix of photography, drawing, acrylic painting and computerpaint. Size of the photos is 17x23 cm                         


    Guardian Angels
  Cybermusic   Between two worlds  



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