Figurative bronze artist Gabrielle Fischer Horvath was born in Hungary and is now living and working in Toronto / Ontario /Canada.
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Gabrielle   Fischer   Horvath
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“Who say’s I can’t….just watch me”

Pugnacious and determined describe this 58 year old female bronze artist, working in what is considered male domain.  Gabrielle Fischer Horvath takes on the arduous task of creating life size figurative bronze sculptures in a highly unique and creative way. Her creations seem to be splashes of liquid bronze interlinked and overlapped …producing male and female forms in lace like effect.

“Sand Cast Molds” have been used for hundreds of years and are used to create industrial fabrications. But this method also lends itself to a higher form of art created by leaving the mold half exposed rather than enclosed.


“The lost wax method of casting is familiar to most people. You give your sculpture to a foundry and they return it finished and ready to sell… that simply was not what I wanted to do” explained Gabrielle.                                      

 Finding a foundry that would allow me to pour my own bronze with this “splash” method was a huge problem. I was turned down by several foundries and told - that is not how things are done - what better challenge is there than that?”

“If a large foundry would not work with me…there had to be a smaller one ready for such a challenge and I found such a foundry near Jordon Ontario.”


“Bill Jurgenson Art Foundry not only allowed me to create these works but worked out the logistics of such an endeavor. The sheer weight of the sand mold had to be supported by a hoist. All those watching the proceedings were amazed at the process as well as elated for me when the results were seen. I’ve never been so excited about a project. The very first piece sold straight from the foundry. What could be better?”


Gabrielle worked on eight sculptures and called the series “Genesis.” They seem prehistoric in some ways and very organic in color and texture.

The amazing surface detail of each piece is truly unique.


The process of creating these works would be difficult for a thirty something male let alone a 5' 7” woman. Lugging around hundred lb. bags of hydrocal, sand, bronze and then using power tools to cut, grind, mount and hot patina the works requires strength and stamina, of which she seems to have plenty of. Gabrielle works on every stage to completion.


An artist in several formats for the past twenty five years, she has lived, studied and worked in the U.S. and Canada. Sculpture has been the primary focus and the human form her fascination.

Her ten year residence in N.Y. brought some acclaim with the commission for a bust of “Raging Bull” fame Jake LaMotta in 1996. This introduction to the boxing world created work with Ken Norton, Archie Moore and just recently our very own George Chuvalo.


In the early 1990’s Gabrielle experimented with a product called “alginate” a molding powder producing detailed images of people. She will still use this format in addition to her sculpting skills to compliment her bronze work. It adds what she calls the human element to her work.


The works are prized as indoor and outdoor pieces and are priced between 5 and 20 thousand depending on size. Pieces have been commissioned for commercial and residential homes.



Gabrielle is represented by several galleries in the Toronto area and is working toward international status. Owning a sculpture of this caliber enriches and visually stimulates the senses.



The Genesis Series



Sand Cast Bronze

Gabrielle Fischer Horvath of
Toronto On. has created a buzz in the art world with her recent figurative works in bronze.

Sensual life size figures, poured by the artist, created by overlapping layers of bronze, bursting with reds, browns, gold and orange.

Ms. Horvath’s unique method in creating these pieces has resulted in an exciting execution from start to finish.

The “open sand cast” method of dripping molten bronze into the mold, creates a spectacular visual of colors and layers in a lace like effect.

The multilayered splashes, reminiscent of a “Pollock” painting, are cast in Vineland Ontario at William Jurgenson Art Foundry.

Ms. Horvath’s conception of this method was brought to fruition in collaboration with Mr. Jurgenson’s engineering skills and art background.

These organic renditions create an abstract of negative and positive space in a topographical and multi layered form.

Ms. Horvath’s application is as exiting to watch as the results are dramatic.

Each piece is a one of a kind. Sensual, life sized bronze figures.

The Genesis Series – are remarkably unique.

“My fascination with the human form has never been more exhilarating. To view these sculptures is to be endlessly intrigued by its many facets.”



























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