Irakli Chkhartishvili is a young ,very hard working man from Georgia (Eastern Europe!). A 4.34 m statue made of grey marble showing : HELIOS  
Irakli Chkhartishvili   
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member since June 1st, 2005

Irakli Chkhartishvili  is a young ,very hard working sculpturer from Georgia (Eastern Europe!)

A 4.34 m statue made of grey marble showing :  HELIOS ... the ancient greek god of the sun

only for people, who can afford it ...

price: sold !!! inside Portugal after only three months  !    scroll down  !!!  

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White Saturday monkey

click on the picture for more !!!

Irakli Chkhartishvili     
Since Michelangelo no other sculpturer dared to work a statue to that height from a natural block of stone !!!
.   .Having a deep breath before starting..
Irakli Chkhartishvili      Irakli Chkhartishvili Irakli Chkhartishvili 

Here you see Irakli at work - step by step - to get a impression of the dimensions of this outraging piece of art:

    Thinking ...  cause it´s being a hard days day .... just the fine arts finishing for today....
Irakli Chkhartishvili      Irakli Chkhartishvili 
17 steps further on..... after another shave ...      
more than six month later ...      


An artwork of outraging dimension & quality.  For more information please feel free to contact us !


... 17 weeks later ...

... that means 10 hours per day x7x17....  respect !!!


...... the whole team of fine arts international sends  Irakli Chkhartisvili

                                                                                       the deepest respect for this artwork !!!     ...and we hope, he´s got the next one done pretty soon ...

Irakli Chkhartishvili 

  The sculpture has been sold inside Portugal for a six-figured number after beeing represented on fine-arts-international during three months only!

    for further information: 

  01/25/2014 0:13 AM