Irakli Chkhartishvili is a young ,very hard working man from Georgia (Eastern Europe!). A 4.34 m statue made of grey marble showing : HELIOS  
Irakli Chkhartishvili   
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member since June 1st, 2005

Here we proudly present Irakli Chkhartishvili´s new scuplture ! ! !

price: 44.000 £       . . . or grab it as a bargain on      

A 2,25 m statue made of grey marble, entitled "White Saturday Monkey"

only for people, who can afford it .. .

                                                                   scroll down to see the artist at work step by step !!!


An artwork of outraging dimension & quality. 

..... the whole team of fine arts international sends Irakli Chkhartisvili

                                                                                       the deepest respect for this artwork !!!     ...and we hope, he´s got the next one done pretty soon ...

    for further information: 

  05/16/2006 1:43 AM