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                       how to become a     fine arts international gallery

Well, it´s rather simple and easy!

If you just want to be listed with your own website, it´s free ! Just make a visuable link to on your homepage, and vice versa you´ll get a link on our gallery-list. Note: Yours must function first.


Featured Galleries:

first step:

Send us a few examples of your artist´s works and your actual exhibition dates. Send a few panoramic photos of your showroom and your address(incl. logo, phonenumber & e-mail etc). A plan of your location will be helpfull for your clients to find you. Please make sure, that each image is a jpeg format and around 700x467 pixel. We surely do like erotic art, but contents of pornography, violence, indignation or racism will not be accepted!  Send them to the following address:                                                 We will answer you as soon as possible.

If you´re not into computers, you can send all information and photos or a CD to:

fine arts international

Rua Conselheiro Joaquim Machado, 77

8600-682 Lagos / Portugal

phone: (00351)  919 909 796

second step:

You will get your own gallery page at fine arts international.

A web-address like is not only highly representative, it leads every visitor directly to your individual gallery site and it gives your clients a lot of facilities to get in contact with you.

If you already have your own homepage, you´ll get your own link to it, which will give you a lot more traffic on your website - and you´re going to have a very well frequented extra shop-window. Otherwayround you should have a link on your already existing website, that leads your visitor onto your site at fine arts international. (If you´re not into computers, asked your current webdesigner. All you need is a good visual link, that says "recent artworks" or "news" or something similar. We also can do this service, if you´ll give us access to your server). This way it´s guarenteed, that you are always able to actualize and to present your latest offer. You´ll stay with your already existing homepage and your own domain. So, either this way or the other - your clients will always find you. We can also offer you and your clients to use our electronic paymentsystem PAYPAL. That makes selling a lot easier! As a commission we are going to charge you 10 % of the selling price of each original. In this case you are responsible for the shipping, but we will take care, that everything will go it´s way. If you see any difficulties, we´ll help with advice.

Zero commission if a client buys directly from you. Your contacts and all important information will be displayed on your individual gallery-page !

Secured payment:

fine arts international gives your clients the possibility to buy direct at the best price. The site is your intermediate for secured payment and exchange: The payment is transferred to the seller after the confirmation of delivery is received.


How  much does exhibiting on fine arts cost ?

Only 4,70 € for uploading each artwork! Our editorial team will optimize your image (frame, shadow, detail view etc) so it will fit in the gallery.
Monthly fee : 14,40 €        ( annual fee: 149,80 €  if you pay 12 months in advance)
To set up your own individual gallery, we´re going to charge you 150 € only, and you get the first six month for free. This service includes your first 17 artworks, all necessary contacts & hyperlinks, your logo and all other information you want to have displayed there.

Compared to the costs of creating, maintaining and advertising an own website and keeping it always up-to-date, that´s quite cheap - isn´t it?                                                                        Could you imagine better conditions?

In any case, if you like to contact us :     

Which is the prime advantage offered by fine arts international ?

World Wide Exposure !

 fine arts puts your artworks before thousands of new potential collectors and art lovers every month. Roughly 67% of galleries detain a personal art website spending a lot of money for keeping it updated online. To have an art website does not mean to sell immediately. Without a maximum exposure of your artworks in search engines it is very hard for someone to find you and to buy from your gallery. A good advertising of your personal website can be very expensive. And the problem is that there are so many talented artists on internet and unfortunately they can not be found by potential buyers.
That is why fine arts international was established! Our objective is to help galleries and talented artists for a better exposure of their artworks and to put you on top of the most significant search engines like Google, Lycos, Netscape, Altavista, AOL or Yahoo etc.
Exhibiting on fine arts international, your artworks can be found and bought in short time. Our operators deal every day with search engines optimisation and advertising obtaining more and more visitors every month. Your name will be one of the keywords included for our homepage and your personal gallery-page !

What other benefits does fine arts international offer for galleries ?

90% of potential buyers do not buy from a website without an online payment facility.
Visitors of fine arts can buy artworks online using their credit cards and having a safe shopping guarantee. We also offer our buyers a 7 day money back guarantee. After a sale, fine arts international will call your customer and ask him if he is satisfied with your painting.

Worldwide exposure + online payment facility + a guarantee for the buyer = SALES !

Only 10% commission when your art is sold on fine arts international using our online payment services.. After a sale we will send you the money via Bank Transfer usually in 25 days.
Zero commission when the customer wants to buy directly from you. We will display your contacts, biography and all necessary information about you, so that the buyers will be able to contact you directly.


What do You get ?

Aside from world wide exposure and an own  individual gallery page at fine arts international, you´ll get personal support finding new contacts like other galleries, art-editions, websites and - what´s most important -  clients !

Summary: Maximum exposure of your art. Instantly and automatically acceptation of  Visa, MasterCard, American Express (can be set up for your offers !) . Immediate Sales Notification. Only 10 % commission from sales (for credit card processing) if the visitor prefers to buy through fine arts Receive a money transfer from fine arts international usually in 25 days after a sale. No commission to fine arts international if the customer prefers to buy directly from you. It is all between you and the customer ! Display as many of your artworks you wish. The artworks must be available for sale, if you want us to display them with a price and the creditcard payment button. One of our operators will respond as soon as possible to your questions.

we´re looking forward to present your gallery on fine arts international