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funny enough, but in the moment there´s only one classisal artist  with one original oil-painting available. You will be surprised, but ít´s a self portrait in oil on canvas by Henry Miller, size 63x 51 cm, 87.000 €.  We haven´t got any licence in the moment to publish this image on our website, but ... we´re working on it. It´s a rather rare work of the famous writer, who normaly only painted watercolors. If you´d like to see it, we´ll send you an image and the adress of the owner.

So, there it is: That litlle BIG thing called copyrights !   

As a poster & print editor aside for being one of the most actual international online galleries, we offer a reproduction service, which includes Posters & prints on different sizes and material. Just send us the artists name and the title of the artwork, we´ll print it for you ! But in terms of european copyrights we´re only allowed to sell classical artists as a reproduction who died 70 years ago! So, in the moment no DALI or PICASSO, sorry. (... we´re working on it ! sssh !!!) But those you´ll get anyway in the poster-shop down the corner on your street. And even digital reproductions on canvas up to 190x 127 cm are no problem.