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 Posters and prints of classical artists - Printed on semimate-270grs/m² paper in 35.43" x 23.62" / 90 x 60 cm for$ 61.80 / € 47.80, this print is a unique piece of fine art !
Here you find some examples of prints of classical artists. If you got any favourites & you don´t find them here, send your request to director@fine-arts-international.com, naming the artist and title - we´ll

try to sort it and print it for you. But European copyrights only allows us, to sell posters & prints by artists, who died 70 years ago !   Please scroll down !


William Turner

: Regulo

William Turner:

Burning of the House of Lords & Commons

William Turner:

Yacht approaching the coast




Albrecht Altdorfer:

Die Alexanderschlacht

Giovanni Battista Piranesi

Tavola VII

Francois Boucher:

reclining girl

Jean-Leon Gerome:

The Slavemarket

Jean-Jules Antoíne Lecomte de Nouy

The slave


Carl Spitzweg

Die nächtliche Runde

Honore Daumier:

Don Quichotte

Giuseppe Archimboldo:


Rembrandt van Rijn

Die Nachtwache


                                                                                                                    There´re a lot more !!!